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Lightning Roulette is a online casino game that combines traditional roulette with an added twist of random lightning strikes. These strikes can multiply payouts, offering players the chance to win more money on certain bets if their numbers are “struck” by lightning. It's played like standard roulette but with extra chances for increased winnings.

lightning roulette

Do you want to get big winnings? We have compared different online venues worldwide and give you a list of the best casinos offering to play Lighting Roulette for real money.

Lightning Roulette – a new live game from Evolution Software

Lightning roulette is a new version of European (French) roulette, which has had an explosive growth in popularity all over the world. Here you will find information on the rules and payout distribution of lightning roulette and tips on how to place effective bets.

The term “lightning roulette” is used for a reason: it gives huge odds of winning, up to 500:1, which puts it in the TOP among popular analogues. The users also appreciated the user-friendly interface and the reliable software. The professional host and the availability of game chat allows you to feel the “effect of presence” in the hall of a real casino, and excellent video effects enliven the view. The multipliers introduced in lightning roulette give huge odds on winnings, which allow you to earn even under the budget limit.

REAL MONEY: Staking the equivalent of $2 gets the player up to $1,000! How is this possible? Once the bets are accepted, the “lightning roulette” is triggered, which determines the random “lucky numbers (which can be from 1 to 5), and lightning roulette odds are randomly set on them, increasing the winnings from 50 to 500 times! This provides a fantastically high chance of success. If you choose one of the numbers lit by lightning, even if it doesn't win, you'll get a “lucky payout” with odds from x50 to x500.

Features of the Lightning Roulette game

The mechanics of Lightning Roulette for real money fully repeats the classic roulette: its basis is a spinning wheel and a ball. But, unlike most online services, it has a real croupier and a chat room in which participants can communicate with the croupier and with each other. The ball stops at one of the numbers, and whoever bets on that number is the winner.

In total the wheel is divided into 37 sectors, each of which is numbered: apart from the numbers from 1 to 36, there is a special sector “Zero” (“0”), which can also be bet on. All numbers except “Zero” are colored red or black. Zero has not only a special status, but also highlighted in green. All numbers are divided into groups on which you can bet.

IMPORTANT: In addition to betting on a specific number (“straight”), bets are accepted on pairs, even or odd, black or red, as well as groups: three, four, six, twelve or eighteen simultaneously (with different odds of winning). Ie The live casino lightning roulette bets, like in conventional roulette, you can make as a single specific number (including “0”), and a group of numbers, placing chips in a certain way on the field. But in this case the odds of “lucky numbers” do not apply to winnings.

A participant makes a bet by placing chips on the roulette table. Bets are divided into internal (inside the main field) and external (special sectors, located along the perimeter of the field. Apart from a significant increase in the amount in case of betting on the “lucky” numbers, there are no other differences in the rules of Lightning Roulette from the usual French roulette.

lightning roulette game

How it works:

  • the participant sees the roulette wheel on the screen and makes a bet;
  • when bets are placed, a lightning bolt is triggered, highlighting random “lucky numbers” (1 to 5) with prize odds, from x10 to x500 to winnings;
  • immediately after that, the croupier starts the ball and the wheel;
  • when the ball stops in one of the cells with a number, the participant who placed a bet on that cell receives a significant win of up to 500 times his bet.

A special feature of lightning roulette live stream is a live broadcast from the hall with a real presenter and a real, not “digital” wheel and ball. And constantly maintained dialogue between the participants and the presenter.


Suppose a customer bets lightning roulette online casino on single cells 9, 18, 27 and 35. After the bets are placed, the lightning roulette highlighted the “lucky numbers” 7, 14 and 18 with payouts of x50, x200 and x300. If the ball finishes moving on cell 18, the participant receives a payout of x300 to the amount of their bet (for example, $600 with a $2 bet).

If the ball stops on Box 27 or 35, the payout is x30 to the bet amount ($60 at a $2 bet).

Game interface

You see on the screen a game table, a roulette wheel and a live dealer – a presenter, who starts the ball movement. When participants put their chips on the selected numbers or sectors, the dealer closes the bets, gives a start to the ball and lightning illuminates the lucky numbers. You can watch all the dealer's actions in real time – there are several cameras in the room, showing the entire room from different angles. As soon as the ball stops, the camera shows the winning number close-up, it is also highlighted on the interface.

lightning roulette online

Participants in the process can communicate with both the dealer and each other, which creates the atmosphere of a real, live casino. If you have already placed a bet before the dealer announces that “bets are accepted”, everyone can press the “Spin Now” button. As soon as the majority of participants have placed their bets, the ball spin phase begins.

The interface is supported on all types of devices that have internet access. The computer or laptop screen has the advantage of image size, and the cell phone will allow betting from anywhere.

Pros and cons of Lightning compared to traditional roulette

Advantages of Lightning Roulette 🌟Disadvantages of Lightning Roulette ⚡
Huge odds of winning (up to 500x) 🎰Lower payouts for straight bets (29:1 instead of 35:1) 📉
Live croupier for professional game direction and interaction 🎙️Higher casino advantage (2.9% vs. 2.7%) 🏦
Numerous benefits, bonuses, and rewards 🎁Lower Return to Player (RTP) rate (97.1% vs. 97.3%) 🔽
Reliable banking for fast fund withdrawal 💰Requires quality and reliable internet connection 🌐
Large betting capacity allowing many players at once 👥
Game software ensures fairness; winnings can't be influenced by casino employees 👍

How to Play Lightning Roulette with real money

To participate in Lightning Roulette, you need to register at one of the casinos (there is a list of the best ones at the beginning of this page). To get access you need to make a deposit – in local currency, dollars or by depositing bitcoins into your personal lightning roulette account.

Then choose chips with a certain value (cost) and start betting in lightning roulette. In advance you need to estimate the odds from lightning roulette and choose a strategy and method of play.

IMPORTANT: How do I deposit real money into my lightning roulette account? You can deposit bitcoins and other currencies into lightning roulette through banking or by funding your account with cash.

As in classical roulette, there are “inside” and “outside” bets:

  • Internal bets are those that are made inside the playing field.
  • External – in designated fields outside the array of numbers.

Different types of bets and, accordingly, different payouts if you win can create different strategies, depending on the budget of the participant who is going to play for real money in lightning roulette online.

Outside bets give a lower winning ratio, but a higher probability of winning. But external bets can provide a greater overall “profit” in a long strategy than internal bets, thanks to the right approach.

Want to learn all the secrets of experienced players and increase the chances that your bet will bring big money? Here's a complete guide to Lightning Roulette, real-life tips and secret tips for our players.

Lightning Roulette Payouts

Payouts in the Lightning Roulette game depend on several parameters: what type of bet is made, the winning number, the “lucky number” and the odds that the lightning for the winning number.

Types of bets in Lightning Roulette

NameDescriptionChip placement
Straight / SingleOnly one number is being bid onIn the field with the image of a specific number
SplitChoose 2 numbers next to each other on the table, adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically (14-17 or 8-9)On the line separating the two fields
StreetBetting on 3 consecutive numbers in a horizontal line (7-8-9)On the line separating the numbered field from the outer area, but not bordering with the sectors of the outer rates
Corner / SquareRate for 4 adjoining roomsAt the intersection point of the selected numbers (i.e., the corner)
Six Line / Double StreetBetting on six consecutive numbers that form two horizontal lines On the line separating the numbered field from the outer area, but not bordering with the sectors of the outer rates, and necessarily on the corner between the two streets
BasketBetting on three numbers, of which at least one is a zero (1-2-0 or 2-3-0 in European roulette; 1-2-0, 2-3-00 or 0-00-2 in American roulette)To the angle adjacent between the three fields (to the point of their connection)
First FourBetting on four numbers at once – 0, 1, 2 and 3; betting on the first street and zero at the same timeAt the intersection angle of the sector zero, number 3 and the line, not bordering with the sector outside bets
Top LineBetting on two sectors with zero (0 and 00) and the first street (1-2-3), available only in American roulette (total 0-00-1-2-3)At the intersection angle of the sector with double zero, number 3 and the line, not bordering with the sector of external bets

 External bets:

Name DescriptionQuantity
1 to 18 (Low, Manque) / 19 to 36 (High, Passe)Betting on a number to fall in a certain range18
Red / BlackBetting on a field of a particular color18
Even / Odd (Pair ou Impair)Betting on even or odd numbers18
DozensBet on a number between 1-12 (first dozen, aka Première douzaine or P12); 13-24 (second dozen, aka Moyenne douzaine or M12) or 25-36 (third dozen, aka Dernière douzaine or D12)12
ColumnsBet on a number in a selected vertical column of 12 numbers (for example, 1-4-7-10-…-34). The chip is placed behind the last number12
Snake Bet (Red Snake Bet)Betting on the following combination of red squares: 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34. It looks like a broken line, resembling a snake or a zigzag. The chip is placed in the bottom corner of box 34, bordering the “big numbers” box (19-36)12 specific numbers

Payouts in Lightning Roulette Live Casino

Type of betHow many numbers are coveredPayout amount
Internal bets
Straight Up1 numberFrom 30:1 to 500:1
Split2 numbers17:1
Street4 numbers8:1
Line6 numbers5:1
External bets
Dozen/Column12 numbers2:1
Red/Black18 numbers1:1
Even/Odd18 numbers1:1
Low/High (1-18/19-36)18 numbers1:1

Try the free Lightning Roulette demo version

Unfortunately, the company does not yet offer to play lightning roulette for free in demo mode. But you can practice the process, because despite the lack of a demo, it is possible to play lightning roulette with a small investment.

To do this, make a minimum deposit and connect to a live stream of lightning roulette games, watching the behavior of the dealer and experienced participants.It is not free, as in the demo mode, but to bet in lightning roulette on a selected number and get a real experience is very important. This replaces the lightning roulette demo version, which you can play when the developer provides such an opportunity.


Where can I play Lightning Roulette?

There are several legal online casinos with official lightning roulette software from Evolution Software. Registering with one of them gives you full access to the functionality that allows you to play lightning roulette online.

Can I bet on every number in Lightning Roulette?

One of the live casino strategies with extra odds that lightning roulette refers to is to bet on all the roulette numbers. If a number comes up that lightning roulette has turned into a “lucky” number, the financial result will multiply the cost.

What is the best strategy for playing Lightning Roulette?

The best and proven strategies we collected for you on this page. There are also secret tips for the participants planning to gamble for real money in lightning roulette online from evolution.

Can I play Lightning Roulette on my mobile?

This gambling game does not yet have a separate mobile app, you need to log in to the site of your chosen online casino to participate. Make sure your provider provides a reliable and fast connection – this is important.

What is XXXtreme Lightning Roulette?

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is the most extreme and profitable version of Lightning Roulette for online casinos from Evolution Software. It has more opportunities to make a significant amount on a limited budget. These opportunities are represented by Chain Lightning and Double Strike Multipliers that can increase your winnings many times over, bringing the multipliers in lightning roulette to the fantastic value of x2,000!

How do I win at Lightning Roulette?

Many generations of players have developed a variety of strategies based on budget and personal predilections. But a guaranteed way to beat the casino, including gambling lightning roulette evolution still does not exist.

We recommend studying the best strategies, tips and tricks that we have collected specifically for those who are willing to take risks and win!

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